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Open project calls

We are constantly searching for new research and innovation opportunities! Business Finland has granted funding up to €50 million for the Zero4 ecosystem. Zero4 provides an opportunity for Finnish companies to apply for funding from Business Finland according to the funding scheme. To start collaboration discussions, contact us!

Business Finland continues its funding search, which is targeted at fields that won the challenge competition for so-called “locomotive” companies. Funding can be applied for 3 times per year.

Funding is especially intended for joint projects between companies, and for joint projects between companies and research organizations. Funding can also be granted to individual companies, research organizations or joint projects of research organizations. The next application round ends on August 30, 2024. 

In addition to Business Finland funding, EU funding opportunities are highly recommended and beneficial for the ecosystem. For more information, please visit the Business Finland website.

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How to unlock industrial productivity in a sustainable way?

Industrial productivity growth has slowed down in developed countries during the past years, which has major implications on both national economies and export. The world not only faces the challenge of stagnating industrial productivity, however, but also the increasing need for energy as well as rising resource consumption and emissions. Businesses have a central role in solving this challenge.